How to Help the Author You Love

Let's say there's one author (or even a few) whose writing you absolutely love. You've read (and hopefully bought) every book s/he has written and wish there was some way you could show your gratitude for the wonderful hours of entertainment s/he has brought you. Well, there is not only some way, but there are many ways you can help the author you love.

  1. Most authors have websites and list their email addresses on their websites. Find your author's website by googling his/her name, visit the website, explore the pages and learn about him/her, then write a glowing email about how much you loved his/her latest book. Authors have to deal with rejection, criticism, and negative reviews every day. We LIVE for praise, especially from readers. Make your author's day, even week, with some true, heartfelt words of praise. Be specific about what made that book an enjoyable one for you.

  2. If the author you love is speaking or doing a signing near you (see the Appearances or Events page of their website), go to the event and take one or two friends who have similar reading tastes to yours. Then say hi to the author, introduce your friends, and tell the author how much you like reading his/her work. The author will appreciate not only your praise, but your presence (and the presence of your friends), and your friends will appreciate being introduced to someone whose reading they may enjoy.

  3. Buy your author's books for yourself and as gifts for friends and relatives who you think may enjoy your author's writing. If you can, buy the books from your favorite independent bookstore to support that industry which so desperately needs our help and is so supportive of new, emerging authors.

  4. Tell people about the author you love--friends, members of your book club, your dentist, the person who grooms your dog, etc. The number one way books are sold is by word-of-mouth. Help the author you love by getting that word out. If you're a member of a book club, recommend that the club read and discuss your author's book at one of their future meetings. Contact your author (get his/her email address from his/her website) and ask if s/he would be willing to call in to your book club meeting and discuss the book over a speakerphone. Many authors love doing this.

  5. Write a glowing review of the latest book written by the author you love and post it to book sales websites like and, to reading social networks such as Goodreads, LibraryThing, or Shelfari, to a mystery reader email list such as DorothyL (join at, to mystery discussion yahoogroups such as 4_Mystery_Addicts or cozyarmchairgroup, and/or to mystery discussion Facebook groups such as Mystery Most Cozy or The Mystery Reader. Email the review to your reading friends.

  6. If you can't find your favorite author's books in your local library or bookstore, ask why and if they can order a copy. If you find your favorite author's books in the bookstore, turn them face-out on the shelves so more people notice them.