Book Clubs

I love Book Clubs!

I'm a member of a Book Club myself. I savor those monthly meetings, and not just for the gossip and wine. I really enjoy talking to fellow avid readers about books, especially mine. :) If your Book Club would like to discuss any of my books with me, either in person (if you meet within a two-hour drive of Colorado Springs) or by speakerphone or Skype, Contact Me  and let me know what dates and times are best for you.

I will provide signed bookplates and/or bookmarks to book clubs. I'll even personalize them for you! Just Contact Me and let me know how many signed bookplates you need and what personalization you would like on each one.

I've provided an initial set of discussion questions for A Real Basket Case, To Hell in a Handbasket, Deadly Currents, Wicked Eddies, Fatal Descent, and A Basket of Trouble (see submenu items to the left), but if your Book Club comes up with a good question that's not on one of my lists, please Contact Me so I can include it in the list for other Book Clubs.