A Real Basket Case

A Real Basket Case

ISBN 13: 978-1594145476 or ISBN 10: 1594145474

A March, 2007, hardcover release from Five Star , an imprint of Gale/Cengage Learning.

ISBN-13: 978-1597226745 or ISBN-10: 1597226742

A January, 2008 large print release from Wheeler Publishing.

ISBN 13: 978-0738727011 or ISBN 10: 0738727016

A November, 2011 trade paperback and ebook release from Midnight Ink.

Nominated for the 2007 “Best First Novel” Agatha Award

The best friend of Claire Hanover, 46-year-old proprietor of a Colorado Springs gift basket business, arranges for a handsome young massage therapist to give Claire a massage. When he's shot and killed in her bedroom and police arrest her husband, Roger, for the crime, Claire must convince Roger she wasn't having an affair and, with advice from a PI friend, find the real killer before Roger loses his job and goes to trial. Claire confronts the victim's fiery ex-girlfriend, his drug-dealing cohorts, and the gym ladies he supplied with cocaine or seduced for money. She must extricate herself from under a drug dealer's bed while he seduces his girlfriend, from jail--charged with breaking and entering, from a drug boss's limousine while he berates her for "messin' in his business," and from her angry aerobics classmates when they discover she suspects them. She makes mistakes at every turn, but she perseveres. Will she find the real murderer before Roger loses his job and goes to trial? Can she convince her husband to come back to her? Or will the killer get to her first?

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